Making Bead Jewelry at Home – Video

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This video-article offers an easy to follow guide for all avid crafters about how to get into jewelery-making. Introducing a few items from the local craft store and some basic technique will have you making your own jewelery in no time. The product created with the help of this tutorial would be a perfect personalized gift – or just a unique way to spice up your own wardrobe!

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Cross from Pope Was Stolen From Former Boston Mayor

The home that belonged to the former Boston mayor and U.S. ambassador to the Vatican has fallen victim to burglary! Owners of the home known as the Flint Place reported items missing that included a laptop, a GPS device, jewelry and other valuables, according to the Boston police. Officers report that there were no signs of forced entry, other than a possible scrap on the door, and the investigation continues to be underway.

But Flynn told the State House News Service today that the intruders had stolen a cross given to him by Pope John Paul II, as well as letters to him from former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa, John Paul II, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair, and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s $150 Million Dollar Jewelry Collection

Though Elizabeth Taylor has passed, her jewelry collection has not! Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection is reportedly worth an estimated whopping 150 million dollars. She was always fond of her jewelry collection, and many are wondering what will come of it. Will it be passed on to her children? Auctioned and sold? Put in a museum? Most of the pieces were given to her from the various men in her life; one of the most well known pieces was the 33.19 carat Krupp diamond ring given to her by Richard Burton, which she wore every day.

One of the more regal pieces of jewelry Taylor owns is the diamond tiara her third husband Mike Todd gave her in 1957. “I wore it for the first time when we went to the Academy Awards. It was the most perfect night, because Mike’s film “Around the World in 80 Days” won for Best Picture. It wasn’t fashionable to wear tiaras then, but I wore it anyway, because he was my king,” Taylor said in “A Life in Jewelry.”

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Candace Cameron and Her Large Gemstone Earrings

Like all movie premiers, this year’s early blockbuster Sucker Punch was studded with fabulous fashion and accessories. Head to toe, our favorite stars looked amazing. Candace Cameron, former child star, was of course no exception. The starlet modeled a gorgeous pair of dangling gemstone earrings. The subtle glitz perfectly accented her classy updo and off the shoulder dress. Faith Hill, Lea Michele, and Michelle Trachtenberg were also spotted sporting dangling earrings- perhaps a new fashion trend in the making?

“The actress kept her beauty look low key with a soft pink lip gloss and defined lashes.”

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Lindsay Lohan Refuses Plea Deal Over Necklace

Lindsay Lohan Refuses Plea Deal over NecklaceActress Linsday Lohan has opted for a full scale trial rather than a plea deal following accusations of jewelry theft. If she pled guilty she would skip trial and receive a sentence up to six months, but she is pleading innocent.

The “Mean Girls” actress was offered a deal by prosecutors that would have seen her plead guilty on Friday, avoid a trial, but be sentenced to between three and six months in jail.,0,555278.story

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Elizabeth Talor’s Jewelry Collection Video

The celebration of Elizabeth Taylor’s fantastic life would not be complete without a celebration of her amazing collection of gems and jewelry. The starlet had a well known affinity for natural stones, starting in her child hood and continuing for the span of her 86 years. Her collection of jewelry was appraised at over 150 million dollars- More than the collections of many museums. Taylor once explained her love of jewels, saying “The beauty, the perfection, God’s workmanship. They’re all from the ground.”.

“Good Morning America” took a look at Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection, reportedly valued at $150 million.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Necklace Case to be Penned by Jewelry Store Accuser?

Lindsay Lohan’s grand necklace theft now transforms in to a source of income as it is being planned to publish a book on this interesting story. lilo is currently held of the $2,500 for necklace stolen from venice, Calif. The owners want to write the book.

“We have no book deal pending,” rep Christopher Spencer told CNN, via The Hollywood Reporter.

Spencer also clarified that he has “talked to a thousand people” while working for the jewelry store.”

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Lindsay Lohan’s Grand Theft Necklace Case to be Penned by Jewelry Store Accuser? – OK! Magazine – The First for Celebrity News

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Priscilla Presley Jewelry Collection

Priscilla Presley Jewelry Collection

Priscilla Presley is now known as Priscilla Presley the jewelry designer. The Priscilla Presley jewelry collection will be featured on the QVC channel Friday March 18, 2011 at 1:00 am eastern time.

Priscilla Presley is best known as the ex-wife of the father of rock-n-roll Elvis Presley who was a mega star in his time. They meet in 1959 and had one child. After Elvis’ death she became Priscilla the business women as she was instrumental in making Graceland the popular tourist attraction that it is today. Priscilla is also well known as an actress who co-starred with Leslie Nielsen in three series of the movie Naked Gun and she also played Jenna Wade on Dallas which was a popular TV series in the early 1980s.

Once again Priscilla Presley resurfaces in fine fashion with a rocking new jewelry collection that I think Elvis would approve of.  QVC calls this jewelry “Rock Meets Red Carpet Glamor” which is pretty accurate. The jewelry collection consists of two necklaces. One necklace has simulated pearls and the other is a blue crystal and ribbon necklace. There are three pendants. One pendant is a butterfly pendant with a chain. The other two pendants are crosses with a chain. Two rings are available. An oval Aristocrat ring and a white enamel rock star ring with a gold colored cross. There is one pair of earrings which is called the Priscilla Presley Queen Teardrop Dangle Earrings. The prices for these pieces of jewelry that make up the Priscilla Presley Jewelry collection range between $24.96 and $51.60.  The Priscilla Presley Mixed Cut Crystal & Ribbon Necklace is the most expensive at $51.60.

I think this is a great line of fashion jewelry jewelry for the young and young at heart looking for something casual to wear. Maybe a great piece of jewelry to wear to a concert.

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Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Store Surveillance Video


Lindsay Lohan Jewelry Store Surveillance Video


Lindsay Lohan and her attorney’s are currently in court disputing a claim from a local jewelry store that the celebrity stole a necklace from their store. Lindsay says she borrowed the necklace. This video was used in court recently.

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Jewelry for the Red Carpet

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