How Does Color Affect the Price of a Diamond

When pricing diamonds it is a good idea to understand how the color grading affects the cost of the diamond. Especially nowadays when we are comparing large numbers of diamonds by looking at diamond attributes online.

Color makes a huge price difference when pricing diamonds. The larger the diamond the more the diamond color grading will matter. To the untrained eye the difference between a “D” colorless rare graded diamond and a “H” near colorless graded diamond can be impossible to tell. There is a slight difference when looking at the two grades and may only be noticed if the stones are side by side. The difference in price could be almost three times in some cases when looking at a one carat diamond which makes color grading one of the most important attributes to know about when pricing a diamond or searching for that perfect diamond for an engagement ring.So simply what is a great looking diamond that looks great on a ring for a good price? What is the sweet spot for color when looking at large stones? I find that diamonds graded “G”, “H”, and “I” are great looking diamonds for the price. These gradings appear colorless to the untrained eye when mounted which is all you need. The lower color gradings begin to have a yellow tint which would obviously not look good even to the untrained eye.

Take this little piece of advice when looking for that large center stone for an engagement ring and save a bundle. The side stones or accent diamonds can be a grade lower if need be, but there is not much of a price difference in color when looking at diamonds smaller than a quarter carat.

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