Unique Jewelry Designer is Oscar Bound

Jewelry designer Aly Dahl has been invited to go to the Oscars where she will mingle with the stars. The jewelry she designs is not the expensive fine jewelry you may see celebrities wear on the red carpet. She has created her own market with a unique twist on jewelry by thinking of the jewelry as a relationship to a special loved one at a special time in the loved ones life. One of the unique pieces she makes is designed from your child’s fingerprint. This reminds me of putting your hands in fresh cement and writing your name and date to remind you of a special time in your life. The difference is that now you can wear the piece of history.

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2 Responses to Unique Jewelry Designer is Oscar Bound

  1. i love those wonderful jewelry, just want to know the quality and the price.any body knows??

  2. i think this kind of fashion can show our future life styles. life should be life this

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