The Latest Celebrity Fine Jewelry Trends for 2011

     Matching elegant ensembles will remain a classic tradition for all times, however, “less is more” appears to be the jewelry trend this year at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.  On the red carpet this year, well balanced ensembles of jewelry were featured throughout the evening among many famous people.

     Several of the best looks for the evening featured bare necks in order to emphasize beautiful drop earrings that dazzled solo.  Some of the favorite looks with this trend were Maria Menounos who presented gorgeous long pearl drop earrings, Catherine Zeta-Jones who wore fine diamond chandelier drop earrings, and Nicole Kidman who displayed her 19th Century Victorian Jet drop earrings.  In addition, bib necklaces were featured in the “less is more” theme.  For example, Natalie Portman wore an elegant white diamond bib necklace paired with studs.  Whether some celebrities showed off cocktail rings or others decided on stacked bangle bracelets, nearly all women were careful not to overpower their style with too many jewels.

     The 2011 jewelry trend of “less is more” is a simple and elegant look.  This idea is to not overwhelm your style with too much jewelry.  You can wear simple, solitaire ensembles or pick out one large jewelry item to feature.  If you wear a large necklace pendant or bib necklace, pair it with small stud earrings and leave your wrists and fingers bare.  Large drop earrings should fly alone, leaving the neck line bare.  Large cocktail rings should not be paired with large necklaces.  However, cocktail rings can be paired with attractive earrings, but anything more will overpower the look.  Famous women continue to love wearing bangle bracelets.  In the old days, women would wear only one bangle bracelet at a time, but now the style is to stack them on one arm.  Stacked bangle bracelets can stand alone.  Lastly, solitaires are a classic that will never go out of style.

     In conclusion, among Hollywood celebrities, simple elegance is the style for 2011.  Fashion experts have noted that a “less is more” style is feminine and subtle.  To achieve this look is to not wear a lot of extravagant jewelry.  Famous women on the red carpet this year were careful not to overwhelm their look.  Hopefully, this classic look will remain trendy in Hollywood for a while to come.






Maria Menounos wearing pearl drop earrings.

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