Sterling Silver Comeback on the Red Carpet

Sterling silver jewelry is making a comeback on the red carpet these days. Men and women are being seen more frequently wearing silver jewelry while strutting on the red carpet. This is the time when stars will wear their boldest jewelry paired with their most stunning or outrage dress. Silver jewelry is one of the least expensive of the precious metals which is great for the general public on a budget.  Let’s face it. Everyone is on a budget nowadays. Especially with the price of gold at an all time high hovering around $1,400.00 an ounce which can make even the tiniest of jewelry pieces cost upwards of $100.00.

Experience Hollywood style without the price. Silver is not so expensive and beyond the reach of the red carpet is for most of us. Many designers to duplicate the appearance of red carpet jewelry quite effectively by using cheaper materials to make the look more accessible to the general public.

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