Lindsay Lohan Caught on Video in Jewelry Store Walking out With Necklace

The beach-side jewelry store that has claimed Lindsay Lohan stole a necklace from them has provided the video tape of Lindsay and the necklace leaving the store. On the video you can see a friend who was with Lindsay at the time distract the clerk while Lindsay took off her necklace and put on the necklace from the store. Lindsay and her friend then walk out of the jewelry store together with the necklace still on her neck. All along Lindsay has said she borrowed the necklace from the jewelry store. The store says they do loan out necklaces, but there is a lengthy process which involves paperwork and insurance before the necklace can leave the building.

Lindsay had removed a necklace of hers that she was wearing when she tried on the necklace in question,” the source close to the case told, exclusively

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