Kim Kardashian Jewelry Launch

Kim Kardashian celebrated her new jewelry line launch last night. The new jewelry line is a colaboration between Kim and celebrity jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad. The 75 piece collection went on pre-sale today.

“Comprised of an array of looks paired in different sequences, each drawing from a unique aspect of Kim’s style palette, like the Honey Hexagon series (pictured above) to Glam Rock, Gold Clusters and Peek-a-Boo, you’ll be able to stock up for every occasion. Ranging from understated, everyday pieces to bold, lavish ’30s-inspired costume jewelry, each piece was crafted to take your look easily from day to night. Irresistibly priced from $11 to $150 (gold-plated hoop earrings are $20, while a set of three gold-plated nugget and pave bangles are $88), these pieces are an affordable addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe!”

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