Jewelry Sales up for 2010 Holiday Season

The average jewelry store gets 30% of its sales during November and December. If the last two months of the year are slow for a jewelry store owner this means they will most likely not make much of a profit for the year. Jewelry stores truly wait all year long for two months. This year was surprisingly up considering the slow economy of the past. The jewelry retail sector is up 2.6 percent over last year for the same time frame according to Mastercard.

“Last year, jewelry merchants were pummeled by the economic downturn, weak consumer spending and lack of available financing, which forced companies such as Finlay Enterprises and Robbins Brothers to liquidate. As a result, an estimated five percent of the nation’s jewelry retailers shuttered their doors for good, said Gassman, citing figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

 The full article is here…

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