Sustainable Design Awards Winners for 2011

Winning designs of the first Sustainable Design Awards on March 29 were announced by Johnson Matthey of New York. The winners were Jason Dow of Jason Dow Jewelry in Honolulu, Stephanie Satow of SCS Jewelry in Colorado Springs, Colo., and Erik Stewart of Erik Stewart Jewelry in Tucson, Ariz. Mark danks, the sales and marketing manager said that not only sustainability but also many other things like working with a community were important.

“We’ve been saying for some time that sustainability is not just about the environment and that other elements are just as important, such as working with a community,” Mark Danks, sales and marketing manager of JMNY, said in a statement.”We really want to tip the balance back toward platinum from cheaper alternatives, so by starting with the newest people in the industry, we hope to play our part in sustaining the design and manufacture of platinum jewelry in North America.”

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