2000 to 2010 Designer Jewelry at the Oscars

Designer jewelry styles at the Oscars have varied over the past decade.  The 9-11 terror attacks had an influence on the 2002 Oscars and most stars wore subdued jewelry as a way of showing respect.  Simple, yet elegant, styles were worn that year.  Large earrings, like chandeliers, were worn in every imaginable style in 2003 and 2004.  From 2007 until 2010, diamond stacked wrists were the trend.  The decade ended with black diamonds and brightly colored gemstone jewelry.

“Hilary Swank’s intricate diamond necklace ushered in a new century at the Academy Awards ceremonies. The next year, most celebrities arrived wearing the standard fare of large diamonds and platinum, but two, Juliette Binoche and Ashley Judd, pulled off a successful flapper look.”

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